Trouble for Nikon?

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Your post is unjustifiably rude!

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being foolish! I learned on here that the D600 issue is internet hype, and that everyone should just clean their sensors anyway.  We'll have to keep the Chinese off the internet!  

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How can you write, "it's just the Chinese"?

China is one of the largest countries on earth. And the Chinese are just as rational as any of us.

Based on Bloomberg news it looks like whereas in many countries, Nikon and its channel have tried hard not to have to overspend on dissatisfied D600 customers, in China they might have tried hard as well, but failed. Possibly because the Chinese emerging middle class is as demanding, as that same demographic was say in the USA in the 1950s.

It is of course a rarity that a government should feel compelled to intervene! But this means nasty trouble for Nikon - it will cost them a lot to fix all this, but the brand damage will still have been done. Fixing a damaged brad is very, very difficult - in this case customers can at best expect that after a lot of frustration, and a lot of time without their camera, it will perhaps finally perform as initially expects. Hardly a reason to feel thankful.

Frankly, Nikon. I understand the business logic of marketing a high-margin and relatively low spec FX camera (same old not so great AF module as on my D7000), hoping to make nice returns. But why not do a proper QC? Because they were afraid that Canon would steal the sales w their 6D?

Frankly I don't understand. Nikon surely have the ability to do proper QC.

On a different but rated theme, Nikon surely have the capacity to design a user-friendly camera body. Yet it took them no less than THREE iterations of the "1" before we finally see something that seems reasonable. By which time it looks left in the dust on many dimensions by a Sony RX100, and that's before I mention the price.

From the outside, and this comes fr someone owning some nice Nikon glass, it feels like Nikon are either re-allocating resources based on some illogical logic, or they have lost it planning-wise so that even the best people come under so much time pressure, that they can't do their job properly. Or else they're made very poorly inspired changes to the executive team (I haven't checked their annual report for such info)

Good luck to Nikon, they deserve it. But these are tough times for them, and maybe this is just the beginning of the tough times...

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