Developing α7 RAW images

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Re: Developing α7 RAW images

Digital Nigel wrote:

osv wrote:

some of the interface issues that i find annoying: when you open a raw file, the program stalls out while it automatically opens up a preview window of every single photo in the same directory... i looked for a setting to change that behavior in the preferences window, but never found it.

Yes, that's very slow if you have hundreds of images in a folder. I tend to make more use of sub-folders so that there aren't too many images in any one folder.

so it can't be disabled? &$(!!%^*# lol

the program also defaults to automatically looking online for a lens profile every time that you open an image, but that can be disabled.

I don't mind that, and haven't disabled it.

it's not an issue with lenses that dxo has profiled, because the program will first look to see if the profile is available locally.

i attempted to use dxo's basic functionality as a simple and quick photoshop replacement, but right off the bat i was thrown for a loop with the cropping interface... it's incredibly stupid and non-intuitive, the emphasis appears to be on a few very limited aspect ratio choices... it's easier to crop an image in microsoft paint than it is in dxo.

You can also choose unconstrained cropping, which I often do.

i think that there is a check box for that, that you have to select every time that you want to use unconstrained? why can't it work like other apps do? just let me select the tool and drag the box, lol

another irritation with dxo is that you need to buy the lens creator(?) software to get full ca capability, if i remember correctly... i paid $180, only to get a grayed-out choice there.

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