The most annoying new fad in photography

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Re: In that case it's private property, annoyance, and "art"...

Funniest reply on dpr ever - hoping its tounge inc cheek

Food serving an Art? Only the most anal of chef would describe dishing someones lunch up as Art.

I dont believe I have ever seen anybody stand up in a resturant to take pictures of their plate using a DSLR, ever. I do see the odd pic on Facebook etc of people showing a quick snap of their plate (most probably on their iPhone), but I honestly don't believe any other patrons would have been distressed by this. Also if a Chef thinks he has created a masterpiece, surerly he would be pleased someone wants to take a pic? lets face it, who ever is taking the picture has paid for the dish, so this masterpiece is no longer in the ownership of the chef.

You are going to ask those so worked up over a photo being "intellectual property" why the Chief's are acting so irrationally.

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