Would switching form NEX7, help me with focus on my kids?

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Re: Would switching form NEX7, help me with focus on my kids?

marubex wrote:

Hi, I guess this has been discussed in the past, but can't make up my mind!

I currently use a NEX 7, with two MF lenses plus kit lens and sigma 19mm., mostly for travel and family outings. I also use a Canon 6D, but it is too heavy for those purposes.

I haven't been able to fall in love with the NEX, although iI love its portability, focus peaking and overall picture quality (except high iso). i could forego everything except that I get a lost miss focus pictures, mostly of the kids, and I find it easier to focus manually at low light, rather than wait for the camera to do it.

I am currently pregnant with number 3 so, I feel something to make my life easier once baby comes, would be greatly appreciated (hence my reluctance to lug around a DSLR).

Do you think m4/3 would help me in this case? if I say my keeper rate with NEX7 is about 60% how much should I expect it to improve?

Will I miss much in terms of IQ?

Unfortunately Olympus has stopped selling their m4/3 around here, so no chance to play around.

Thanks in advance

I think if I were you I would look at the Sony A6000, the Olympus E-M10 and the Panasonic GX7.

All three should do what you want with great image quality.

All three have a built in flash you can put up in a hurry if too dim for a quick kid photo....GX7 has a higher sync speed than the others.

They all have things in their favour.....have a look at the side by side specs and see what specs tou like.

M4/3 cameras give great IQ, the A6000 should be a step up in IQ from your NEX 7 in some ways.

The m4/3 pair are both stabilized. Focus peaking with the GX7 might not be as good as your NEX 7's (just a guess based on my Sony A7 focus peaking is MUCH better than my GX7's).

The GX7 has 1/8000 max shutter.

A6000 should focus better in doors than the others.

To me, the GX7 is a higher level camera with good auto focus that will focus in much lower light but hunt more, the E-M10 is a newer slightly lower camera that is better in some areas and the A6000 is a good camera that is slightly lower level still but has a party trick (auto focus) that might make it the one for you....plus probably slightly better IQ depending on the lens used....and of course your existing Sony mount lenses will be a small bonus. Your manual focus lenses can be used on any of them with adapters though the M4/3 pair will have a different angle of view.


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