Do I need to go dual system?

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Re: Do I need to go dual system?

KatManDEW wrote:

Got my 5D3 two years ago this week. Also have a 7D and nine "L" lenses. I've drooled over the D800 since the day I got my 5D3. And like many, I'm itching for a 7D replacement, with truly improved image quality, and improved AF (I'm not interested in dual pixel drivel). My 7D is just not reliable with my 200-400, and it's hard to argue against that D800 sensor (for some uses).
I know no one knows, but I'm interested if anyone has any convincing thoughts about whether Canon will introduce anything compelling this year, like before fall... If I had a crystal ball and knew Canon was just going to do nothing, I would order a D800 and lens right now. I've looked hard at the a7R and I don't think it's for me.
I know, many fanboys are going to whine. Go ahead. It's my money.

What do you photograph? For portraiture, you'll be hard-pressed to see a significant detail advantage with the D800 and even especially sharp lenses–most portraits simply don't demand high resolution. For subject matter and/or styles that benefit from fine detail rendition, the D800(e) makes more sense (you will, however, need some cracking good lenses, again, to realize a significant advantage over the 5DIII and equally-good Canon lenses). Of course, I'm assuming good technique from you.

The big difference is in dynamic range through ISO 800, where the D800(e) easily laps the 5DIII. If your style trades on maximum DR in high contrast lighting, especially with active subjects, then whether or not to add a D800(e) (or, frankly, and other of many cameras with more usable dynamic range) becomes an easier decision.

FTR, for years I was a two-system user, and I have owned and used both the 5DIII and D800.

Good luck with your choice.

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