The most annoying new fad in photography

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Re: The most annoying new fad in photography

People are fascinating, and I'll take that in two dimensional form over the one dimensional musings of people who have become so disconnected with reality they consider fellow humans to be 'sweaty meat'

I'm really sorry you're so upset by my accurate description of what is being done to this beautiful planet.  Oh, wait a minute, I'm not, not one iota.  We're already past the tipping point, there's no going back, we've blown it completely.   Which one of us is really disconnected from what is going on right under our noses?  The will to reverse course is not there, even if it were possible.  Everyone who would ever be allowed to participate in any decision is making way too much money and living behind guard gates and will be dead in 40 years anyway, so who really cares what irreparable mess we leave for our children?

Any self-respecting alien flying over would unleash the phaser banks and cauterize this poor fracked and poisoned orb of say, *pick an urban area* and allow the newly cleansed Earth to regenerate.  It's the only thing that would ever stop the desecration.

Some people are fascinating and worth the effort to know, true enough, but most are not, as we see over and over again on these blogs in both words and pictures.

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