Silly question about aspect ratio - do you shoot 4:3 or 3:2?

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Guy Parsons
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That's me

LeeS wrote:

I am another Aperture 3 user who ran up against the same problem.

Luckily Windows and always used converters that have defaulted to the whole 4:3.

I tried Guy's suggestion and really liked the improved utilization of the LCD on my E-PM2 by shooting in 16:9. However, a higher priority for me is having the entire 4:3 raw image to work with in PP and I am not willing to open the image in multiple different raw processors. So I am back to using 4:3.

Now and then I use 4:3 for the rare for me vertical shot to see how it might frame up, but mostly it's 16:9 for that way better LCD display and 16:9 crops later for slide shows (everyone now seems to have 16:9 monitors and TVs). Portraits in 16:9 horizontal, no problem, study how TV & film camera people frame people in their shots, usually environmental so 16:9 is a natural.

In fact, it would make the most sense to me to have a camera which took maximum advantage of the lens imaging circle using a square sensor then create an aspect ratio in PP that best fits the image. No need to rotate the camera physically at all.

Now that would be sensible and sensible is banned here.

I sort of do the same anyway, use 16:9 to see the live view detail, guess what might be included top and bottom, later get the 4:3 image and then crop to what I want. The 16MP gives great freedom to crop like crazy so makes life easy, I can afford to frame a bit sloppily and crop to the interesting bit later.

Regards.... Guy

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