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Re: Start the trials....

Bob Carstens wrote:

Thanks Guy,

What would you recommend for the Sharpening and Raw Noise Sections in AfterShot Pro?

Different nearly every time, I go to 100% and fiddle sharpen and noise but definitely under-do noise so detail is not disturbed, and sharpen left usually under-done as my pet hate is the crispy gritty digital look that over-sharpening delivers.

I may go investigate Qimage Ultimate for sharpening as it has a clever one, looks better or maybe easier than fiddling USM. Owned it for years but print little now.

I'm inclined to uncheck the boxes and not use them. I normally use Focus Magic for my sharpening.

That is probably the best idea, I do leave sharpening to last because I sharpen to suit the display size or if printing leave sharpening at a minimum and let Qimage Ultimate do it automatically for me to suit the print size involved.

I guess I'll have to watch the prices later this year and upgrade PaintShop Pro, I currently have version X4.

November Black Friday seemed to be cheapest last year, but now Corel has locked access to keep me in Australia so I can't get to the USA sites to compare the prices. There may have been a St Patrick's Day discount as well, odd things happen all the time.

PSPX6 is way better in that it installs in two version 32 bit and 64 bit, old plugins that are 32 bit stay with it (I moved the Nik Colour Efex Pro 3 to the 32 bit version from the PSPX4 or 5 where it came from as a freebie).

Regards.... Guy

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