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Flyinmotion wrote:

My friend asked me to shoot her pre-wedding photo. She knows I'm not a pro, but she wants us to have some fun and this is a cool project for me.

Any nice locations in the Bay Area for this type of event?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you doing the PRE-wedding photos?

This isn't the official wedding shots, is it?

All the responses so far have appeared to presume you are doing the full wedding. You aren't, so this is a completely different matter. So why are people trying to advise you about what you need for a wedding? If you were doing a full wedding and need that sort of advice you would clearly be totally inexperienced, ill-prepared and setting yourself up for a fall.

Not sure I know what a pre-wedding shoot really is, but guessing it is like an engagement shoot or simply some informal, personal and intimate (not that intimate) poses, hopefully in a pretty setting with just the couple. Or does it include much more than this? If it does I'd be cautious.

I don't have specific knowledge of your level of ability, but based on your questions and your response to the answers you are getting I would say you should not consider doing the official wedding day shots, at all.

However, a pre-wedding project that isn't so critical, only involves a few people in an informal setting could be a bit of fun and the bride does know you are not a pro.

Keeping that in mind, don't go buying a load of gear that people are suggesting you need (unless you are looking for an excuse for GAS). If you need flash it is too dark, go in better daylight. If you already have flash for fill and are comfortable using it, just use that. Or maybe get a low cost reflector to diffuse light into the shade and stop people from squinting into the sun.

The bottom line is to use gear you are familiar with and are comfortable using. If you do get any new gear make sure you know how to use it very well prior to the shoot. Practice makes perfect.

I would use a zoom (or if you prefer primes), in the range of 30-80mm for this shoot.

When it comes to the full wedding, make sure you don't get in the way of the official pro. Don't copy or follow them around duplicating their poses. Try and get something different. Different angles, different viewpoints. Take your longest zoom/prime to get in close from a distance. Take your widest angle to get a different view close up. Remember focal length is about choosing perspectives and not solely about magnification.

Don't think of Photoshop as cheating. Every true professional uses it or a similar software to get the best out of their shots. But the same applies here, to only do what you are comfortable with.

Check out some YouTubes (they're free) that are about posing people. Remember you are not shooting models but use some of the ideas as inspiration for posing and framing your compositions. But keep it natural. Don't go for a load of stupid, artificial, stiff poses.

It could be your friend is trying to save some cash, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt. What they are asking is a huge compliment. They respect you for what you are, don't try to be something different and don't get carried away. Don't even think about being the official pro on the day. That's not for the faint hearted nor the ill prepared.

If I'm right about the nature of this shoot, I'd say go for it. Enjoy it. It can be great fun but don't be over ambitions or get caught out trying to be something you are not.

Thank you so much for your input.

We'll do casual shots around town first and if it turns out
I can handle more we can shoot with her wedding dress.

My friend and her fiancé has resort photographer included in their wedding package (in Maui). So, no worry about that. Well, I'm going to bring my gears, but just for fun and for my family short vacation trip.

And yes, YouTube is my learning tool now.

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