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Re: Capture One Pro

Fritz85 wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

I don't think you're testing one vs. the other here, your'e testing your own ability to use each one.Do you actually think the Sony results are better? To me, the right one looks better. The one on the left looks over sharpened with too much structure and contrast while the one on the right is smoother, has less noise in the lower right quadrant and has more manageable detail.

These are images out-of-the-box from each program. No modifications at all except for processing RAW and outputting to JPEG. The quality discrepancies exist inside the software interfaces too.

I'm not sure "out-of-the box" to "out-of-the box" = apples to apples. Out of the box in one software could be flat and unattractive while another might overdo it.

My recollection of the Sony output when I first saw it in your post is that it looked like final output and left little room for adjustment. I suspect Sony has default settings that are designed to appeal to certain audiences. I would think that Lightroom typically has very little happening until you start to play with the sliders.

JamieTux wrote:

but why don't you just use the Sony one if you like the output?

Out of curiosity - what picture style mode were you in? Looks like it might have been vivid to me - try the Lightroom Vivid Camera Calibration and I am sure that it will get you a lot closer straight away.

I don't like the Sony software at all, just as I don't like almost every software product Sony has ever produced. The layout is bad, it's slow and workflow doesn't flow.

I agree with you on this - it's not my favorite. It's slow and hard to work with.

I was shooting in intelligent auto. I don't recall shooting in anything but auto across the board. Colors don't concern me, actually, as I normally fine-tune that myself in Lightroom. I'm more concerned about sharpness of the photos before processing colors, highlights, shadows, cropping, etc.

I actually don't look for sharpness in the original RAW file. Best practice usually indicates that you make two or three small sharpness increases as you go through various stages in your workflow. So for me, I would work with exposure and tone before anything else. Sharpness comes much later and not always in Lightroom.

So I think what you're seeing is a different approach between the two softwares.

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