Sharpest 24mm prime to go on a D610

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Re: Some things to consider...

stew84 wrote:


Yea i was in the same boat last year when I bought my D600. I needed something to cover what my Tokina 12-24 did on DX. As you know there aren't many options, so i went for the 16-35 f4. 24mm is the sweet spot of the lens, I find it very sharp all the way up 30mm. 35mm is a complete mess though.

I did try out the new 18-35 also but decided on the 16-35 for the extra length/nano coat/build. Glad I did now as I am surprised how valuable that 2mm on the wide end is..

Good luck


Did you actually compare the sharpness of the newest 18-35 AF-S with your 16-35?  I wouldn't need the extra 2mm at the wide end but I'm going for "affordable" sharp at 24mm.

I probably test lenses edge to edge and at all corners more than most photogs.  At one time all I was concerned with was center sharpness but not anymore.  I know with the shallow DOF of a FF it's almost a moot point how sharp a corner is when you're focused in on some model's eye but I'd just as soon have the sharpest edge to edge and in all corners lens I can afford.

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