G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Re: G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

kitchenbug wrote:

... In Manual exposure mode, you will want to use the zoom lever for zooming, so you can save the other three control for ISO, aperture, and Shutter speed. For some reason

that really baffles me, you cannot assign Av as a single item on the Step Ring. You can only assign a combined 'Tv/Av' settings on the Step Ring, which means you must

press 'Up' on the Control Dial each time you want to adjust the aperture. This problem also applies to Aperture priority mode.

So in Av priority or Manual exposure mode, you will want to assign Av to the Continuous Ring, and assgn Exposure comp. or Shutter speed to the Step Ring. Problem is,

there's no tactile feedback from the Continous Ring so you need to keep looking at the display or EVF to confirm what settings you're at. There's some delay in

animation that shows the current value as well...

Again, thanks for the report. I have a question about the above if I may. I was looking at the PDF manual and according to it AV mode should automatically assign aperture to the step ring. In TV mode it should automatically assign the step ring to shutter speed and in M it should work as you detail above with the step ring needing to be assigned the function via the up arrow. If it indeed works this way I can see where manual mode is a bit awkward but AV and TV seem to be logical and what I would want as the default.

So my question is does it not actually work as the PDF manual says in AV and TV or is the PDF manual wrong? I think it was Page 103.

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