The most annoying new fad in photography

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Re: Not so new.

ZX11 wrote:

Mark Smith wrote:

RichRMA wrote:

Pick one:

1. Food photography

2. Selfies

3. Unboxing videos

How are these 'new'? Food photography has been around for very many years just open a 1960's recipe book, self portraits likewise been a 'fad' since the 1830's

There is a fad where people sitting in an Applebee's, McDonald's, or Olive Garden, photograph their food when it is served. The photo is then uploaded to Facebook. Is photographing your dinner when you go out to a restaurant something families did in the 60's and 70's. Or, it is a new and irritating fad. Didn't the families in the 60's just say grace and dig in?

No, there was a movement of people who photographed their food in restaurants and then wrote articles about it. Some became well known food critics, some just published in magazines of the time. The only thing that is new is the instant message rather than the old style typed one.

So not new, or even close but the transmission method is I guess...

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