Binoculars for S. Africa

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Re: Binoculars for S. Africa

I have to say that I'm with wasserball on this one. Sitting on my desk is a pair of Pentax 8x24 UCF binoculars that I bought probably about 20 years ago in one of the Kruger Park shops. They're about the size of my fist - and I'm not Joe Frazier.

Yes, I'd forgotten my rather bigger Pentax 10x50 unit in the throes of packing a wife and a couple of (then) small boys for our trip. They're a bit smaller than the things Erwin Rommel used in N. Africa.

To this day, both work superbly well. The bigger glass is used for whale spotting, the smaller glass will go into the camera bag when I head north to Kruger again in September.

To be blunt, I simply can't see (no pun intended) the extra benefit of massively expensive binoculars. I have a couple of mates who drive super-costly Nikon, Leica and Swarowski. Lots of extra light for sure, but once you've spotted the leopard, what more do you need?

At that point, out comes the camera and it's on the end of that that you put the big, expensive glass.

(I've never yet found a pair of binoculars that could capture a JPEG, let alone shoot RAW.)

((Hopefully, you're not just trying to tell your buddies how much spare cash you have....are you?))

(((Sorry if that sounds a bit socialist - it's not meant to be. But why waste money on bins when you could be spending it on lenses??)))

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