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Re: Brand New. Less than 100 clicks.

bbbinohio wrote:

joeybob wrote:

Is your D800e a "new", used our refurbished model? I recently pulled the trigger on a refurbished D800 and given all the negative press here about the left sided focus bug and green LCD I'm wondering what the rest of your story is/has been...

The camera is so new that I wonder if I should ask for a completely new body if the repairs where that extensive.

Yes, NEW. (B&H)

Bob, from Ohio


Thanks. I hope they get it right at whatever repair center your camera is at... My guess is that it's probably at/been to the one in New York (assuming you are from Ohio).

Tomorrow I'll have my hands on the refurb that I bought over the weekend from Roberts Camera. I'm ready to put it to work and curious to see if it as good (or as bad) as what I've read. I couldn't pass up the price at which I got it for so I suppose I'll find out soon enough. Should be an interesting experience for me moving from 12MP... Plan is to use it for portraits, studio and landscapes.

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