Oly 17mm 1.8 and Pan 25mm 1.4 Image Character

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Oly 17mm 1.8 and Pan 25mm 1.4 Image Character

What do you think are differences between the two?

I am reading the user reviews for both of them, the general consensus is that Oly 17mm is not as sharp as expected (Dunno what they expected), is maybe two clicks above average, does its job and just that. No specialty, just a normal flat lens, less 3-d pop, which does not sufficiently deserve its price tag, seems, in the eyes of its users. I think they expected a Sigma 35mm art-equivalent 35mm equivalent.

The Panaleica gets much applause. Most users and lookers say it has that special Leica rendering dust in it, the colors are very rich, easier to get that 3-d pop, the "tonal range" is very wide and "plays on a different level" that Oly 17 or Pan 20mm 1.7.

I am trying to get a feel for their looks and image quality by browsing through their images, but it seems like many people shoot the m43 cameras so carelessly and ignorantly that the output is often comparable to point and shoot cameras. It is very hard to come across images that are properly framed and exposed in a way that can bring out the qualities of lenses.

Also I am a little hesitant for the 25 because of its size. It may defeat the purpose of using a small camera. The camera looks like a small-ish DSLR when mounted with it. But sheer image quality, if so good as they say, may compensate for this hesitance.

I have used neither. I am thinking of buying either. If I go for the 17 it will likely be by only lens glued to my E-M5 until the day I buy the 75m

If I select the 25 I will complement it with a 14, since I like wide angle, and sometime in the future I will be adding the 75.

What do you think/recommend?

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