B&H Live Video on A7/R....Your thoughts

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Re: B&H Live Video on A7/R....Your thoughts

rrccad wrote:

KwhyChang wrote:

First of all thanks to Brian Smith for a great event!


A couple of things I got from the Sony rep...

Five as yet unannounced lenses for the system are promised this year, and will be announced soon.

Sony is aware of the light leak, but apparently other major cameras have this problem and they are looking into it.

A7 auto focus at 100 milliseconds is twice as fast as A7R at 200 milliseconds...A6000 is even faster, but I forgot the speed.

A7 is better for video...which I sort of already had read.

Brian talked about an adapter from Voigtlander, the Leica M to E VM-E close focus that I wasn't aware of.

What are your thoughts?

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did they mention anything about the firmware update tomorrow?

No, not that I remember. I'm sure it was a primarily a sales event to get more people into the system and sell more stuff, but it was nice to see some images and discussion from some pros.

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