Best way to sell used XE-1 body in US?

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Re: Best way to sell used XE-1 body in US?

Dabbler wrote:

I just confirmed my X-T1 is arriving tomorrow! I haven't sold a lot of used camera gear and wondered if anyone has suggestions regarding selling a low usage (excellent condition) X-E1 body? I'm not looking to get the very best price, just something to defray the cost of the X-T1.

thanks for any suggestions.

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Check with and B&H Photo.  If you sell on Ebay I VERY highly recommend you open a PayPal credit card account to tie to your Ebay account. It is not instant, but does the best IMO to protect you as a buyer or seller. Ebay takes 10% up to $250 and PayPal takes 3% so you basically need to get 15% - 20% more than you want to get what your bottom line is.

Past that you may want to keep your XE-1 because you will be lucky to get $200 - $250 for the body used.  You can sell a $50,000 new car a month later that has been driven twice and you will not get full price, it is still a used car.

Of course you can just look past it and take it for what it is a couple hundred in the pocket. The same fate will befall the XT-1 and actually if you sell that XT-1 a month later you may get $600 - $700, not the $1,300 you paid for it. Everything is affected.

Knowing that and I am in a position to wait for the next Fuji X deal because I want to see the 16-55, 18-135, 55-140 and 56 prime on that list to make it worth it to me.

I sold my XE-1 BEFORE the XT-1 was officially announced because we all knew Fuji X rebates were on the way and why have the XE-1 retain its value when you have the XE-2 and now another new Fuji X body.

Just a FYI when it comes time to sell the XT-1 for the XT-3 and that is why it may be worth keeping the XE-1 as a "Transition" body for the XT-1. Just put the camera away and you will always be able to use your Fuji lenses and accessories (most of them) if you stay committed to the Fuji X system and will update the XT-1 later.

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