Best way to sell used XE-1 body in US?

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Re: Best way to sell used XE-1 body in US?

Al Valentino wrote:

Netting about $300 - $350 after all shipping and fees makes it impossible for me to consider selling my XE1, that i paid full price for. Although i have no desire to sell and upgrade, if i did want to upgrade I would keep it as a second body or possibly have it converted to IR. All that aside, this site is a okay place to sell but having listed half a dozen or more items for sale in the past year, at a fair price, i only moved one, a nikon 10-24 lens. So ebay is my choice to move product, but the fees are killer, about 13% paypal and ebay fees plus shipping where ebay gets another 13% cut even if shipping is separate. I hate ebay but use it a lot to buy and sell. Overall, glad it exists.

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Fuji Silver XE1 w/14, 35, 18-55, 55-200, Rokinon 8mm Fisheye & Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Macro

Ebay fees are awfully high. But, they are now charging a flat $1.00 fee on the shipping charge, instead of 10%. Paypal of course, still get their 2.9% on the shipping amount. I've used Adorama for several items, and always felt like I didn't get much. But, when you figure all the Ebay/Paypal fees, Adorama is probably not all that bad (and I've never felt like I might get scammed as can happen on Ebay). Al, I think your last couple of sentences sum it up for me as well.

I don't live in a very big town, so Craig's List is not a viable alternative for me. It might be a good deal for those that live in heavily populated areas.

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