Would switching form NEX7, help me with focus on my kids?

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Re: Would switching form NEX7, help me with focus on my kids?

I own a NEX7 and bought into M43 recently (OMD EM1). I actually love the NEX7 body, i think it is great. Also the IQ is great. I do not like the AF system, the AF lens selection and the user interface.

I think the AF system on the OMD is superior to that of the NEX7 (and what i am hearing is that the same is true for current Panasonic M43 cameras like GX7 or GH3). Specifically combined with good lenses (I have 17mm f1.8 and 12-40mm f2.8) i get eyes sharp in portraits much more often than with the NEX7. With the NEX i used AF to prefocus and then used manual focus to fine tune. No need to do that with the Olympus.

Again .. to me it is the combination of better AF and fast, high quality lenses that help to achieve higher keeper ratio. I never measured so it is hard to give numbers .. but you should be able to get noticeably better.

IQ: i think there is not a huge difference but at low ISO the NEX is slightly better.

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