Do I need to go dual system?

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Re: Do I need to go dual system?

Only you can tell.

I picked up A7R recently to complement to my 5D3 and can share the same set of Canon lenses that is one of decisive factors. In addition I want a small/light ML FF camera with excellent DR and sufficient resolution (36mp is more than sufficient to me actually). My tele lenses stay with Canon DSLRs anyway while A7R is mainly for landscape and portrait/studio. Hope Canon will have next generation sensors soon that can match to Sony's sensors' DR and resolution (latter is not critical to me although I aware many demand a meg-pixel camera). I don't think Canon will have an A7R-like small/light ML camera with an excellent EVF (yes I want EVF in landscape photos that has a big advantage over OVF) anytime soon so A7R will stay with me.

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