G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Helstor wrote:

When it comes to camera ergonomics, what can be considered good is very subjective.

Absolutely, which shows you what a nightmare it is for manufacturers trying to keep everyone happy.

I bought the G1X online without trying it first (could not find it locally and I have no problems with my G12 so I figured it would be OK). Unfortunately I thought it was very uncomfortable to hold. Like a thick brick with sharp corners. If I tried to move my hands/fingers to get a better grip I would usually end up pushing some button and change a setting.

I really wanted to like the G1X, and I tried but it took away all the fun of going out shooting. Even with a strap on I spent more time worrying about dropping it than I did looking for photo opportunities. I loved the IQ but in the end I sold it.

I've never really had a problem with it in terms of it's handling, I find it very simple and easy to hold and use and I really like the bigger grip on it. It's the "bar of soap" cameras that I'm not so keen on, they get uncomfortable to use very quickly, but each to their own. Smaller size always comes at a price and I find the G1X mk1 a very good compromise.

I am interested in the G1X2 but I will make sure to try it out and handle it before I decide whether or not to buy it.


PS.I will probably love the dual control rings around the lens because I used to shoot an Olympus OM2 film camera for many years

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