Camera industry in crisis? Thought provoking article.

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Re: More like returning to pre-digital sales levels!

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Everyone keeps talking about dropping camera sales, but what people forget is before digital there was a LOT more competition, and people kept their cameras for decades instead of months...we are just starting to return to that trend where people kept their cameras longer, and camera companies will have to get used to the BLOATED sales returning to NORMAL levels!

Since you mentioned M4/3 the E-M5 I bought is the first camera I bought that I could see myself still using in more than five years from when I bought it.

I tend to agree with you to some extent, although I did hang on to my D70 for 5 years. After buying three m4/3 cameras over a relatively short time period, I see little reason to replace my E-M5.

What your pre-digital sales levels argument fails to take into account is that there are many more people in the world than there were before digital camera era began. The world's population is currently increasing by about 80 million/year and, despite the recent recession, economic development has made cameras affordable to a larger percentage of the world's population.

This raises the question of why sales are decreasing at a time when more people can afford to own a camera. Asia (outside of Japan) is one of the fast growing parts of the world both in terms of population and GDP. I think it is reasonable to assume that a much greater percentage of the Asia population is able to afford a camera today than was the case in the pre-digital era. Nevertheless, shipments of ILCs to Asia (excluding Japan) were down 18.3% in 2013, which was slightly greater than the 16.2% decrease in shipments to the Americas and somewhat less than the 22.3% drop in shipments to Europe.

Chinese buy Chinese cameras. Japan is not exactly popular there, given all the government anti-Japan propaganda.

How would that explain the large decrease in shipments to Asia from 2012 to 2013? China & the US are tied as Japan's two largest export partners at 18%.

Obviously, their industry started to produce replacements. You know all that stuff which is sold here under brands like GE, Kodak etc? Where do you think it is made? Maybe they buy stuff from Korea too.

Regarding you claim that Japanese cameras aren't popular or coveted in China:

Apparently children from wealthy Chinese families these days are traveling with fancy DSLR cameras while on vacation. A person named Liu Li Yang recently published a series of photos over on Chinese social networking service Renren that show a group of tourist children clutching expensive Canon and Nikon DSLRs and lenses.

There are more Chinese than just wealthy Chinese. Of course top end (in terms of ability, not price) is dominated by Japanese now.

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