Anybody ever use a camera stabilizer ?

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Re: Anybody ever use a camera stabilizer ?

Fish Chris wrote:

I saw a guy using one the other day, I presume, for video.

But I've thought about these for a long time for photography.... especially, every time I dream about having a "big" heavy lens.... like a 500 or 600F4, or a Sigma 300-800.

Personally speaking, I don't think the problem with hand holding these lenses ^ for hours at a time, walking 10 miles with them, or, most importantly, holding them steady enough for a good shot, is a problem of "strength", but rather, from not working out a good support / stabilizer system.

For me, a good solid tripod & head.

You can find all different "cheap, easy" DIY designs. Most use PVC, ride over your shoulders, and have counter weights behind you......

People act like a big, heavy lens is hard to hand hold, and keep steady, but in reality, all that extra mass, should in fact make for a steadier, less shaky shot {which is part of why using counter weights makes it even more stable} ..... but again, only if you have the right set up to support the weight.

In reality, because the center of mass is further out toward the larger end of the lens, it's not as easy to handhold steady as you might think.  I have a 500 f/4, and it's probably the largest I would want to shoot handheld for any length of time.  I've shot with a borrowed 600 f/4, it's a monster of a lens and wasn't really easy to shoot handheld at all.  But it was a non-IS version.

For my 500 I use a Bogen 3221 tripod and a gimbal head if I want to shoot from a stable platform.


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