Nikon repair experience. China,Tokyo and India

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Nikon repair experience. China,Tokyo and India

I have recently had to go through a Nikon repair experience, which was bad in Tokyo, regular in China and very good in Gurgaon, India. I'll share the story, as it may be of help to some.

I am currently traveling around the world by bicycle. During my journey across Indonesia, I accidentally dropped my D800 + 14-24. They were inside the bag but the hit was hard and it affected the focusing system (i would get serious back focusing). Live view worked fine so I was limited to focus using it. That kept me going until Beijing.

I left my camera and lens at Nikon there, they found many things wrong, they had to replaced most of the body, as it had been corroded by my own sweat, LCD and a few other things. The lens got an internal ring replaces and that was it. It all looked good when I got it back. It cost me about 500 usd for the whole repair. 100 out of it was for labor.

Kept traveling and went through Mongolia. When reviewing those images I realized there was very uneven focus. The left side would be blurry in out of focus areas and the right would be fine. It was mostly noticeable at 14 mm f2.8.

At that point I was already on the way to Japan, so I waited until Tokyo (what could be better than Nikon's own land to find a tricky problem I thought) . Took my camera to the Ginza service center. They kept it for 45 minutes and was told that both mounts, camera and lens, would have to be replaced due to a slight bend in both of them that was causing the focus problem. (Obviously Nikon China had missed this). And then came the estimate, which was around 750 usd, 400 out of which was for labor. My jaw dropped and I told them, thank you very much I'll try some other Nikon.

Here comes the bad part. Now, I have no idea if it was Nikon's bad luck or it was actually a genuine problem that they caused. Next time I pulled out my camera out of the bag to shoot, one of the focus indicators was frozen and wouldn't move. Multiselector was ok, but the focus was permanently locked in that FI. Same went for Live View. I took the camera back to Nikon, quite worried that they wouldn't believe me, took a Japanese friend to help me with the translation. In the beginning they said it wasn't their problem, that nothing they had done involved that part of the camera. My friend knew how to handle the situation, pushed the buttons and made them accept to repair it for free. According to them, to fix that problem the camera needed to be sent to the factory, as the problem needed the camera to be open and only the factory can do that, I frowned but said...what the hell, do whatever you want.
4 days later, got the camera back, checked it and everything worked. After 4 days of use, and a day before leaving Japan, bham! Focus indicator got frozen again!!! I was furious, went back to Nikon, alone this time, and now they were not symathetic at all. They told me, that the camera wouldn't be repaired for free this time, and that it had to be sent to factory.
I told them I was leaving the next day and they said there was nothing they could do. Frustrated, I asked them why the camera had to be sent to factory and they said that only the factory could open the cameras. I said, look, I'm leaving tomorrow, my next possible repair station is Nikon in New Delhi, do you think they can actually repair this there? They almost laughed arrogantly and said no, there was NO WAY. I stormed out of there but was left quite worried.

A month later, after cycling all the way from Kathmandu with the fixed focus indicator, I reached Delhi. Took everything to Nikon service center, which is actually in Gurgaon ( 20 miles out of Delhi), explained the problem with the focus and also asked them about the mount repair. Left it there and a day later I got a call with the estimate. They found all the problems . The focus point repair (NO, THE CAMERA DID NOT HAVE TO BE SENT TO THE FACTORY IN JAPAN FOR THAT!!!) and the replacement of only one mount, the camera's, and not the lens' as I had been told in Japan. And here's the best part, it would all cost me 110 usd. I smiled in relief and told them, fix it ! It's been a month now, and everything is working perfectly.

So, Nikon Tokyo wanted 750 usd and Nikon Gurgaon in India, fixed everything in a day and a half for 110 usd, including the focus problem that Nikon Tokyo had probably caused me.

That's the story folks. My advice is: if you need a repair when traveling, DO NOT TAKE IT TO NIKON IN TOKYO, GINZA SERVICE CENTER. I'm sure there are plenty of good experiences but still, the price they charge for being Japan, is ridiculously high.

hope this helps somebody!

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