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Re: Shooting f/1.2 requires better technique

Mikess1 wrote:

Chris Dodkin wrote:

The challenge of shooting at f/1.2 - It's very difficult in a non controlled environment.

We will see dozens more posts on DPR in the coming months from people saying 'my new f/1.2 lens is faulty' etc etc due to soft/OOF images

A few technique suggestions:

Reduce the size of the AF box on the camera - to ensure you get exactly what you want in focus

Figure out the thing that's going to be sharp, the nose, eye, ear, etc - because most likely only one thing will be sharp!

Always put the AF box over the thing you want to be sharp by moving it's position before you shoot - using the old focus and recompose method will spoil most shallow DOF shots as the subject will no longer be in the focus plane after you recompose

Consider shooting f/1.4, f/1.6 or f/2 outside of the studio, You get the same sort of bokeh, better DOF, higher hit rate

Don't focus then pause before taking the shot - if you and/or the subject move at all in that pause, you're toast - do a test shot where you line up the AF box, frame comp and verticals etc - then for the actual shot just mash the shutter release so it does focus and immediate shot without any gap

Hope these help - technique with a longer fast prime is a killer

You'll need to practice, and practice, and practice

thanks for your help i am not a professional or even close to it but i think i am experienced enough to know how to take a picture with a shallow dept of field i you look at my picture the green box saying focus is locked on the subject when its clearly focused on the background has nothing to do with me but the camera is missing the focus now when i refocused and took the same picture and nailed the focus how is this because of my lack of experience

I shot for years with a Canon EF 85mm 1.2....which has a far shallower depth of field than this lens, and I was able to get my shot regularly.  This lens is a breeze compared to it. I seriously have no idea what the problem is, but shrinking the focus box should help.  If you are still having problems, then I would send the lens back. I have had NO trouble with my copy.

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