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Re: Shooting f/1.2 requires better technique

Chris Dodkin wrote:

Mike - I see what you're talking about, but from experience it's usually more about user technique and learning how to work with the new lens.

f/1.2 is a whole different ballgame - no matter how much experience you have,

I have watched people have the same issues with the Canon 85mm f/1.2 L lens over the years - so it's about the challenges of shooting at razor thin DOF more than the brand of the lens I believe.

Physics is working against you on this - so you have to really strip it down and figure out the steps to success.

If you're trying to focus on a close subject for example, you can hit the macro button to tell the camera to start looking there, rather than the background.

Even then, there may be targets which are a challenge as they don't present an easy target for the AF system, when such precision is required.

ok i can nail focus this is not a problem i only took these pictures for this post but i just thought there is a problem with my lens because when the camera says go ahead take the shot focus is good and clearly its not then i was thinking i may need to get a replacement i can easily refocus and take the shot --


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