G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Tonkotsu Ramen
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Re: G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

Hey Kitchenbug,

So now that we got your impressions/quirks may I ask other questions?

Is the image quality that it produces worth the price and size/weight/heft?

Is the bokeh unnaturally soft at wider apertures (between F2.0-3.9) as it was in some sample pics?

Is the AF speed acceptable? or.. fast?

Is the shot to shot time (AF speed + delay time between shots with review turned off) acceptable? or even.. fast?

Does the touch shutter work quickly? or is it mostly a gimmick and operates too slow to be useful?

Does it fit in a jacket or coat pocket?

What about sweater pockets? (think full zip mock neck or full zip hoodies)?

Or is it simply too large to fit in pockets, and will require a case or dangling from the arm/shoulder/neck?

And finally, the most important question.

Will you keep it?

Thank You.

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