XF 56mm ???

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Re: XF 56mm ???

Mikess1 wrote:

What camera are you using it on. If you are using it on an X-Pro1 or X-E1 or E2 you might need an update for the firmware on your body for the new lens. If it is an X-T1 or you have the latest firmware...then something is wrong with your copy and send it back. The 56mm is the fastest focusing XF lens.

I have the XT1 and my xf35mm is way faster and more accurate

That isn't too surprising. The 35 has to move less glass and has more inherent depth of field. My initial impression of the 56 is that it is pretty good, but not really outstanding, both optically and focus speed. I also get a fairly high amount of AF failures, though this seems more of a low light problem than a bright light problem.

I expect it will be a gorgeous portrait lens, which I'm guessing is Fuji's intention for it, but I haven't had the opportunity to take the X-T1 into the studio yet.

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