G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Re: G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

mjdundee wrote:

Thanks for your detailed user report. I appreciate it very much since I also preferr to operate cameras in manual mode and just have to wait another 2 months before this camera will be available for testing in my part of the world.

Sounds like typical marketing madness. For many years we have been waiting for a control ring around the lens barrel in a G while the S had it since the introduction of the S90 and all competitors followed this way of manual contrl in their own models.

The GX1, G11, G12 passed this and now the G1X MII brings us TWO control rings- WOW!

Who needs a WIFI button for how often and how ridiculus and monsturus looks this moving LCD panel frame?

Reminds me somehow of the funny design of former cars from Japan - functionaltiy follows form.

Maybe this is due to a translation error or a child was allowed to decide during development.

The wifi / mobile button is necessary because it becomes a "one touch" connection feature, instead of menu diving, for phones that don't have NFC (AHEM IPHONE).

Not sure I agree with it's location, but this is clearly designed for advanced beginners, and not it's previous market. Otherwise it would be an extremely large n clunky device, the same size as a DSLR. I feel that canon took the minimalist approach (which was pretty clear from it's design) and moved a large number of manual controls to the LCD and dual control rings.

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