G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Re: G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

kitchenbug wrote:

Looks like there is nice snug & secure spot for the thumb. I like that. Do you find the edge of the screen irritating ?

Snug & secure? Are you talking about the small rubber piece below the WiFi button? It's about the size of a woman's finger nail, and not big enough to comfortably rest most of your thumb. Yes, the edge of the screen is somewhat irritating.

It was probably designed with smaller or Japanese hands in mind. During CP+, the staff handling the camera seemed to have hands made for the G1X Mark II, whereas your hands (assuming from one of the pics?) make it look a lot smaller.

For the LCD, they said (through an interview on a japanese review site) it was so you could handle the control rings without interference from the screen. When I hold my Canon S90, if I use the ring, my left hand instinctively holds the bottom left corner, where my palm cups the camera, and finger n thumb can turn the ring. Now imagine the screen swinging in the way of your hand.

This is unlike a DSLR where you can have your hand there and the screen swing out due to the excess space of the larger bodies between the lens ring and the screen.

Edit: I Just realised you went over this, but I'll leave this here just incase anyone misses it like I did.

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