The most annoying new fad in photography

Started Mar 18, 2014 | Discussions thread
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In that case it's private property, annoyance, and "art"...

Gollan wrote:

I'm guilty of all three. The most annoying fad is that some chefs and restaurateurs are banning photography in their restaurants, as if the food is too special to have its picture taken. In my opinion, the world needs more food photography, not less.

First off it's private property, they are allowed to ban photography in their premises.

Second, the average photographer knows little about photography, using a flash annoying other patrons, standing up to get the full dish in the picture with their full frame dSLR (you just have to look at any sporting event in low light to see all the flashes unnecessarily going off annoying those sitting near the "photographer").

Third, food serving IS an art form, and they may not want their style stolen.  Of course if I wanted to steal their secrets I'd use a camera built into a watch, or glasses.

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