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Here is what I found out so far: Pros & Cons

I appreciate everyone's help on this issue.

A good test for RAW processors to see how a severely underexposed image could be saved.

1. Aperture struggles with the details and noise. Even when able to get the black point right, noise is next to impossible. Properly exposed images are not a problem at all. Aperture has a great interface, less memory requirements and the ability to stamp images quicker. Processing is very quick.

2. Lightroom really did an amazing job on the final image. The image would be usable in some applications. Zoomed up there is a cross hatch pattern, but it's very usable. The interface isn't bad, but not as intuitive (to me) as Aperture. The noise control is phenomenal. I didn't like having to go to different windows or tabs to edit the picture, but I think it could be learned or automated well.

3. Capture One. It did a very good job too and, interestingly enough, a cross hatch pattern also when zoomed up similar to Lightroom. It makes me wonder if they use the same processor inside. The noise engine is also very good. It came up with an image completely salvageable in certain situations. The interface was not bad, but it wasn't quite as perky as Aperture or Lightroom and it has the highest system requirements. Colors seemed better under LR then Capture one. Auto exposure kept trying to overexpose other images I tested it on. The HDR function seemed very good without making it too "processed" looking.

4. Aftershot Pro. Unfortunately I couldn't test it. After installing the software it said my trial was used up. I've never used it at all before so I don't know what that is about. I also saw the E-M1 isn't supported yet for RAW. I'll see if I can work it on another computer.

I think Lightroom and Capture One really did a great job and would give new life to older cameras now that software and RAW engines have been updated so much.It seems they would be a better investment than a new camera.

If I shot a lot of underexposed images then these would be the way to go. If the pictures are shot right, Aperture would be completely fine, but it doesn't give near the control the other two give. The automation is really good though. Maybe if version 4 is released it will be up to par.

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