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Re: It is an interesting thread BUT


Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Yes, I certainly have outgrown my childhood, but no, the point isn't 'what do I buy next'. I'm just in the process of upgrading to FF, and since I plan to focus my attention to portrait (or people) photography I'm looking for one or two lenses that can complement my Nikkor 85/1.8D. (The other two lenses I currently own are DX lenses.)

It is without any doubt that light/lighting, composition, out-of-focus rendering, etc. are far more important than gear. And, without wanting to sound arrogant, I think I'm able to handle those challenges, at least for the goals I pursue. But I didn't want to get off the subject, I just wanted to get objective arguments with regards to lenses, and because of that I didn't attach any pictures (shot with my D90) to my original posting. But if it is of any help, below you'll find some sample pictures. (BTW: My DPR profile page includes the link to my Flickr stream.)

In short: The portrait primes I'm looking definitely won't make me a better photographer. But they will provide me new possiblities, possibilities I'd like to explore.

Hope I could put my idea across...


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