To All You "Masters of Photography" Who Called Me an Idiot... Locked

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Possible true identities of these trolls/masters/sith lords/shamans

It is my belief that some of these "Masters of Photography" may possibly have some form of highly secretive, unknown, deep, zealotous or cold-war gustapo-style relationship with Nikon & their management.

When all facts have been thrown on the table, & when Falk Lumo, Ming Thein & the oriental warriors of the 315 boxer rebellion have torn down the walls of the sacred city, the zealots raise from the dark to proclaim the messiah-like status of the Nikonian lords.

However, it could be as simple as having intense faith or intense fear that the second hand value of their precious Nikon gear may be potentially at risk due to such crusades.

So my friend, when the moment of truth draws nigh, do not fear those who scorn you. You have many who stand by you.

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