Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

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Re: Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

If I wanted to go 'super-light', I would take an advanced compact like Canon S120.   Aside from picture-taking ability, I simply would not want to use my phone's battery for this.    When traveling, making sure that my smartphone has ample battery life left is paramount - I use phone to coordinate with travel companions, to look things up on the map, to look up information about stuff I am seeing, to do rudimentary translation, etc etc etc.    I want to be able to get through the day without the risk of running my battery down.   And since me and my wife like to take lots of pictures and some video clips, using phone for those would be a problem.

That said, a great deal depends on how you carry your camera.    Having a DSLR with a f/2.8 zoom hanging off your neck on its OEM strap is an ergonomic horror.    It chafes the neck, it gets in the way of absolutely everything you do.   Putting the strap around your body puts the camera on your side, but then it interferes with any other bag/backpack you have, and bringing the camera to action can be very awkward.

Upgrade to a sling strap like BlackRapid, and the camera rides on your hip, and barely gets in the way.   Other bag/backpack can be worn over it without impeding your ability to bring the camera into action.    Camera can also be quickly unclipped from the strap for stowing in the bag, or handing it to a companion.

There are other solutions like Cotton Carrier holster system, which keeps the DSLR secured close to your body yet ready to use - very good for more vigorous activities like cycling or hiking in the mountains.    Then, there are action backpacks.   Recently, I got a LowePro Flipside 200.    It's real slim, but it can fit my DSLR with a 70-200 f/2.8 WITH HOOD, and still has room for a 17-55 f/2.8.   Best of all, entry is from the inside.   When the backpack is on me, no one can get into it.   You take off a shoulder strap, slide the backpack around your body on its waistband, pull a zipper and you have your camera.   A few days ago I took it skiing.  The pack is so snug it felt like not there at all when negotiating a black diamond.    And once at the bottom, it took only a few seconds to get the camera out, ready for the rest of my family.

My point is:  a large camera does not have to be a brick around your neck.

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