Silly question about aspect ratio - do you shoot 4:3 or 3:2?

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Re: Silly answer, I shoot 16:9

Guy Parsons wrote:

jennajenna wrote:

I have no idea why my gh3 was set on 3:2 (I normally shoot with the 7-14mm lens); but I was adjusting the settings and noticed that 4:3 files were 16mb and 3:2 were 14mb.

Is there any loss to shooting 4:3 over 3:2; it seems like a no brainer to shoot 4:3 and then crop..but I recall reading that shooting 3:2 actually gives you a "longer" horizontal image vs a you actually do miss some of the subject when shooting in 4:3...true?

[image badly misleading in our context... deleted it]

Check out the pixel dimensions of your results at variously 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9 and see how on some Panasonic cameras the image gets wider as the tops and bottoms get cropped. My LX3 does that and probably your GH3?

The GH-3 lost the multi-aspect sensor. Like you, I used to love it on the LX3, so I could display the (landscape) images on my 16x9 TV.

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