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Re: It is an interesting thread BUT

Well said Leonard. Too much emphasis on gear making the image vs. the photographer. I've been practicing with window light lately (been learning and taking advice from some photographer's who's work I truly love) and have been quite happy with the results and the learning has been fun too. Many of my first attempts weren't nearly this good, it's taken some practice. Neither of these two pics involved simply snapping away. Both pics were taken during a specific time of day where I knew I could get good window light (i.e. not harsh). For the pic of the boy not only did we take it at a specific time of day, I moved a chair into a specific spot, put a soft fuzzy blanket on it, put it a certain distance away from the window, positioned him and the chair to get the side lighting (trying to get more light on one side with more shadow on the other to show some depth) + catchlights (from the window), etc... Obviously neither are perfect, I didn't put a ton of effort into fixing stray hairs or picking outfits, etc... but I'm pretty happy. But without a doubt, the more effort I put into planning & setup (including light) the better my photos get. These were both with cheap gear. D5100 + 50 and 85 primes.

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