Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

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Re: Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

You're getting a lot of responses from people who are looking at your choice from the viewpoint of their experience level. You've said elsewhere that you've never used a camera other than your phone. Given that, you're going to have a lot to learn to make good use of something like a Fujifilm XE2.

You probably also have much to learn about photography and, despite the many dismissive comments about the quality of an iPhone camera, it really is streets ahead of the sort of consumer film SLR that I and many others first learnt the craft on. You can take good photos with it, and you can learn about what makes an interesting composition by looking at your successes and failures. Yes, it has many limitations; discovering those would be a learning experience too (seriously). Once you understand them, choosing a better camera becomes much easier.

If you can afford it and want to start with something more versatile (and yes, better image quality under many conditions), you're probably better served with something like a Fujifilm XA1 or XM1 and the kit zoom lens. You can add other lenses once you know (why) you need them and upgrade to a more advanced body when you know you need that. The XM1 has much the same sensor as the XE2.

Take one of those and your iPhone and you have the best of both worlds. Use them both and understand the differences.

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