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even before i take the picture i can clearly see it is focusing on the back ground and not the subject that is in the green box i only took it for this post i then refocused and took the other shot same everything only the subject in the green box was in focus i am taking my kids to the zoo today and will only be taking the 56mm i will figure out today if I'm gonna keep it or not a grand is a lot to spend you know right not i could get the 55-200 and the 14mm for just a little more then this lens but i love shooting portraits and 85mm is perfect

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I assume that you are using one shot AF and not continuous?  Have you tried reducing the size of the focus box to make it akin to 'spot af'?  One the X-E1 that is achieved by pressing the AF button to bring up the AF point selection grid then using the rear dial to increase/decrease the size.  Have you tried it on e.g. an eye which should be easier to focus on as there is a larger flat area than the sink and tap?  Other tip would be to make sure that you don't focus and recompose when shooting wide open as the DOF is very thin.

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