G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Helstor wrote:

When it comes to camera ergonomics, what can be considered good is very subjective. I bought the G1X online without trying it first (could not find it locally and I have no problems with my G12 so I figured it would be OK). Unfortunately I thought it was very uncomfortable to hold. Like a thick brick with sharp corners. If I tried to move my hands/fingers to get a better grip I would usually end up pushing some button and change a setting.

I really wanted to like the G1X, and I tried but it took away all the fun of going out shooting. Even with a strap on I spent more time worrying about dropping it than I did looking for photo opportunities. I loved the IQ but in the end I sold it.

I am interested in the G1X2 but I will make sure to try it out and handle it before I decide whether or not to buy it.


PS.I will probably love the dual control rings around the lens because I used to shoot an Olympus OM2 film camera for many years

Me too, after a lx3, lx5 and x10 (but orbs problems) I had a g1x and it's not so easy everytime with handling. After I had a p7700 and it's true it's very nice to operate with it (I dont't like the handle of rx100 also).

I know that the sensor is little (but enough for my utilisation) (more I refind my favorite range in only a little apn) but the handle is the best of my last apn, good position of buttoms, ring on the lens, I't possible to take pictures with one or two hands, a very nice EFV, great live of battery,...It's the stylus1.

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