The most annoying new fad in photography

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Mark Smith Veteran Member • Posts: 6,336
Not so new.

RichRMA wrote:

Pick one:

1. Food photography

2. Selfies

3. Unboxing videos

How are these 'new'? Food photography has been around for very many years just open a 1960's recipe book, self portraits likewise been a 'fad' since the 1830's

I will agree about no 3 although I wouldn't say they were a photographic fad, more a consumer electronics one as I've seen unboxing videos of CE for a few years now.

So 'new' to you possibly, for others not so.

New (less than 5 year old) fads in photography.

1/Using iPads to take snaps at concerts/museums etc (everyone looks cool holding up something the size of a dinner plate)

2/Posting every single thing you take to your feed so your friends can see 'real time' your images sharing your dull boring life with 200 other people with equally nothing interesting to do is narcissistic.

3/ Making boring cell phone shots into faux Polaroids and uploading (as per two) press a button, upload for instant art– it is to photography what instant dried soup is to food.

There are a whole host of fads, which will be gone in 20 years, self portraits and food photography aren't in that category.

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