XF 56mm ???

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Re: XF 56mm ???

Mikess1 wrote:

Both these pictures gave me the green focus box like this

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Others will know much more than I on this, but it looks to me like you are moving in and out and altering your dof.  at 1.2 your dof must be very thin and especially when you are fairly close to the subject.

Shutter speed doesn't matter either because this type of movement is before the shutter even opens. and, and it looks as though focus is achieved but at the wrong distance.  You seem to be having no trouble with the 35 though, however that is at 1.4.  You may have to send it back but I would let a few more folks here comment on it and try and help before you go through sending it back.  If you bought it local then that would be much easier.

All I can do is say to you thaton my old 5D2, when using the Sigma 50mm 1.4 that dof was razor thin,and even if you felt only a barely conscious movement before the shutter fired the pic was oof.   The movement only had to be slightly perceptible and it would throw you out.

Good luck and I am sure you will get it worked out soon no matter what has to happen.

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