Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

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OK if the conditions are "right" & the lens is clean!!!!


To "support" your cause, here are a few photos from Palm Beach, Florida shot a few days ago with a 5-year old Nokia N95-8G cellphone (it has a 5 Megapixel cam.) If the lens is superclean (bad lens flare otherwise) and the sun is behind you, and you want tourist photos of bright outdoor areas....

But most phones have no protection of the lens - so if one is not get bad results (see last photo). I loaned the cam and they got fingerprints on it which I did not notice.

Have fun!

Worth Avenue, Palm Beach Nokia N95-8G

Worth Avenue, Palm Beach Nokia N95-8G

Macy's store, Palm Beach Nokia N95-8G

Excalibur, Palm Beach (Nn5-8G with fingerprint on lens - note the bad flare! on the left

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