The one thing missing from micro four thirds: small weather sealed lenses

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Re: The one thing missing from micro four thirds: small weather sealed lenses

Paulmorgan wrote:

zuikowesty wrote:

I'm guessing you don't live in a rainforest.

No not a rain Forrest, but we get plenty of bad weather with the occasional snow blizzard and I get out in all weather and use none sealed lenses with never a single problem.

You've been lucky then.  I have had other electronics fail after being exposed to rain, that it is a reasonable precaution to take.

Weather sealing is only really needed for the most extreme cases and those that are out in it almost 24/7 and this is likely to effect very few users here.

On vacations, it is often a matter that sometimes during the day rain will come up.  Sometimes it is seemingly monsoon strength.  We like to go to renaissance faires, and I've had some days where you will get an hour of torrential rain or so, and then it will clear up.  Even if you decide to leave the faire, it can often times be 1/2 hour to get to your car (and one faire does not permit re-entry without paying for a second ticket).  About every third time we go to a particular faire (Sterling in upstate NY), we have a large amount of rain.

We went to Disneyworld in August and there it has about an hour of rain during each day.  Again, it is a large area, and you are out for an entire day which may have tropical storms.  In addition at parks like Disney, you have splash rides where you intentionally will get wet.  We also have gone to the boat ride at Niagara Falls several times (where they go up to the falls, and you will get wet, and the ponchos they give do not offer much protection).  My E-1 and 14-54mm lens has been through it several times.

Another advantage of weather sealed lenses is if you are photographing near the ocean and your camera gets splashed with salt water, it is a lot easier to clean the lens/camera by pouring distilled water on it, before the salt drys on the camera.

My guess is that far to many of these forum users spend far to much time dusting every single spec of dust off there bodies and lenses and would have a hissy fit if a single droplet of rain landed on there beloved camera

Such sympathy you have...

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