Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

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Travelling camera

Jkim7 wrote:

Hey guys,

So I'm in a dilemma.

I'm trying to make up my decision on getting a good mirror less (Sony A6000 / Fujifilm X-E2) or just travel with my iPhone. I just think iPhones these days (iPhone 5S and soon iPhone 6) takes good enough pictures to look on a computer screen and I feel it's hard to justify spending $1000 for a good mirror less when there really isn't THAT much of a picture quality difference between an iPhone and one of them. If I were to get a cheap mirror less, for example a Nex 5, I just feel like there's no point in having one as an iPhone 5S, in my opinion, can produce similar caliber images as one and definitely matches most point and shoots.

I just want some support haha. Do any of you travel with just an iPhone camera? I just feel like people bring these mirror less and DSLRs to travel and I'm wasting my trips abroad (going to Africa and India this year) by taking "measly" iPhone pictures.

I assume as photographers, many of you are also travelers.

Help me out here!!

You are right, phone cameras are quite good. Compared to what most people had to make do with 40 years ago (like 126 and 110 Instamatics), they are excellent.

The worst part is that you have only one field of view, so if something is too far away you either have to go there - zoom with your feet - or crop, either solution is only viable sometimes.

This is the point where even a p&s camera will be better. I am not talking about birds in flight or wildlife, but being able to take a picture of the Sacre Coeur from the top of L'Arc de Triomphe, showing how it sits on Montmartre, is simply not possible with a phone camera's short fixed focal length.

Even in fair light, you often experience blur due to camera movement or subject movement. Holding a phone steady at arms length while you press the backside without pressing any other buttons is not so easy, and phone cameras are not exactly speed demons either

Low light performance of phone cameras is poor to unusable and the built-in flash is not very powerful - and built-in flash will always overexpose what is close and underexpose what is far away, so using it limits what kinds of pictures you can take.

I stopped bringing my SLR with me on holidays long before I went digital. My wife did not have the patience to wait while I adjusted exposure and focus manually and ran up and down the streets to get the right composition. As technology progressed, I finally found that the right travel camera for me is a good point&shoot.

For the time being I use a Canon S100. It fits in my jeans pocket (I'm too old for very tight jeans) and the results I get are good enough for the use I have for them. I don't expect them ever to be sold or published.

Don't forget to enjoy your travels. Traveling is never a waste, no matter what camera you bring - or not.

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