Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

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Re: Travelling with just an iPhone camera?

Jkim7 wrote:

I just think iPhones these days (iPhone 5S and soon iPhone 6) takes good enough pictures to look on a computer screen and I feel it's hard to justify spending $1000 for a good mirror less when there really isn't THAT much of a picture quality difference between an iPhone and one of them.

So I'll disagree with this, but with a caveat. I think there's a big difference, from the sensor attributes (noise & dynamic range) to the functional differences (ability to get the shot) to practical considerations like whether you can use a lens hood to prevent lens flare. Even just looking on a computer screen.

That said, we all pick some arbitrary level of quality that we find "good enough" to avoid spending or carrying too much. I know that full frame offers greater potential image quality than APS-C, but I shoot APS-C. And while I have a Sony NEX-5 (in addition to a bigger DSLR kit), I tend to travel lately with a Sony RX100.

If I were to get a cheap mirror less, for example a Nex 5, I just feel like there's no point in having one as an iPhone 5S, in my opinion, can produce similar caliber images as one and definitely matches most point and shoots.

Again, having shot my NEX-5 and seen what my wife's iPhone 5 can do, I'd say they don't produce anything like similar caliber images. That's not to say the iPhone 5 can't produce "good enough" images, though.

I just feel like people bring these mirror less and DSLRs to travel and I'm wasting my trips abroad (going to Africa and India this year) by taking "measly" iPhone pictures.

I guess it depends on what you want to do with them and how critically you want to look at them. You can certainly exercise your artistic skills and knowledge of light and composition to create interesting iPhone photos. And you can bring home a collection of memorable images.

I assume as photographers, many of you are also travelers.

Not as much as I'd like But here's my philosophy on travel & photography. The best photographs of any given place are going to be taken by people who know the area well and who have access to it over time. Not by a casual visitor like myself. If I'm going on a "photography trip" I'll bring my bagful of gear. After all, it's about photography. (I don't do these often at all). But for family travel, I'll tend to bring some select gear based on the trip and then leave stuff in the hotel or cottage depending on what I'm doing any given

Help me out here!!

It's tough - I agree that you don't have to have the "best" travel photos to enjoy your memories, and that convenience is important. But I've taken too many pictures while traveling that have benefited from the responsiveness, fast autofocus, shallow depth of field, greater dynamic range or telephoto lens options I have with dedicated cameras. You have to pick your compromises.

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