Do I need to go dual system?

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Re: Do I need to go dual system?

KatManDEW wrote:

I'm no spring chicken and I'm getting older in a hurry Among other things, I like to shoot landscapes, and it's hard to argue with that D800 sensor for landscapes. I still haven't ruled out the a7R.

If landscapes is your main subject you might consider one of the Sigma DP Merrill series cameras.

Yeah, the camera is slow, along with their processing software, but if you can get around that the results are quite amazing. My 5D III & lenses is my main system, but I always have my DP2 Merrill (& tripod) at the ready for landscape shots.

The learning curve is a little different (shooting & processing) but the results (pixel level detail, tonal gradation, micro contrast/acutance) are hard to beat. Accurate color can be a challenge on rare occasions, but a trip thru ACR usually fixes that.

fwiw I'm kind of in the same boat. I do like the canon default colors better than the nikon, but the DR and shadow recovery of the nikon is pretty amazing. Hopefully canon can come up with something soon to match, sooner rather than later.

It'll be interesting to read about your experience if you do get the d800.

Just a test shot, but the foreground detail (and the overall detail) is something I could never achieve, IMHO, with the 5D III. Check out the "original" on either link below the image.

good luck, Mike

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