Silly question about aspect ratio - do you shoot 4:3 or 3:2?

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Re: Guy?

Isabel Cutler wrote:

In Olympus's case no matter what aspect ratio you shoot (or use 2x digital tele converter) then you always get the full 4:3 image in RAW. I take advantage of that on my E-PL5 by shooting 16:9 to get the biggest possible image on my LCD and then later use the 4:3 RAW to extract whatever I want from the image.

Regards..... Guy

I wondered about this so I set my e-pl5 for 3:2 and I definitely do not have a 4:3 raw - it is 3:2.

What am I missing?


The RAW is always 4:3 but some RAW converters are not smart enough to know that, they default to the jpeg settings. Usually there's a way to get to the full image.

Olympus Viewer 3 does 4:3 when asked, Silkypix does 4:3 by default, also AfterShot Pro does 4:3 by default.

Regards..... Guy

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