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shutterwillie wrote:

Thanks Larry,,your response has sound foundation.

Actually, Larry's post was full of fallacies typical of one who drinks only from the Fuji bowl.  His discounting of advantages of a fixed lens FF camera are amateurish at best and a clear sign of his extreme bias.  Proceed with caution.

I appreciate your thoughts. My position is one of research at the moment. I have owned most major dslr cameras as well as several dozen film types including large format cameras. Truthfully, I have enjoyed the X100 beyond compare. My pattern has been to skip generations as I have the Trans chip world. I have no reason to be in love with full frame models but being somewhat a gambler, I am willing to try it given the right design. Thanks again, willie

The Sony RX1 is NOT as fun to shoot as a X100s (I have the X100) due to the lack of a viewfinder, but the IQ of the RX 1 is staggering to look at.  The Zeiss lens on that camera is second to NONE.  The sensor, incredible all the way up to ISO6400.

If only Fujifilm or Sony would make an RX1 type camera with a built in viewfinder.  I'd hand over $3500 sight unseen.

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